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Does My Child Need OT?

Occupational Therapy helps children engage in every day activities! Occupational Therapists address underlying difficulties with fine motor skills, visual motor skills, gross motor skills, bilateral coordination, motor planning, executive functioning, sensory processing,  and social skills to help kids complete activities like bathing, brushing hair, brushing teeth, tying shoes, buttoning, writing, cutting, holding a pencil, skipping, riding a bike, pumping a swing, attention, flexible thinking, self-control, completing multi-step tasks, and eating a variety of healthy foods! Occupational Therapy also helps children improve self-regulation so that they can manage strong emotions in a variety of settings. If your child is having difficulty completing everyday routines, following directions, or completing school activities, contact Wesson Pediatric Therapy.

I'm still not sure OT would be helpful....

It can be overwhelming trying to decide how best to help your child. Occupational Therapists work with families and kids on a wide variety of goals.   With a quick phone call, lots of questions can be answered, some recommendations can be made, and a plan can be made to help decide what the best options are. Sometimes, this means getting your child an evaluation, and sometimes, this means just talking about typical development and giving families some recommendations to try at home before pursuing other services. 

What areas do you serve?

We serve families in the Peachtree Corners, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Suwanee, Norcross, Duluth, Roswell and surrounding areas. 

Where do sessions occur?

Treatment sessions take place in your home or at your child's school. OT sessions are customized and typically last 60 minutes. They can occur weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis. 

Do you take insurance?

Wesson Pediatric Therapy is an out-of-network provider. Being an out-of-network provider means that it is the client's responsibility to submit documentation to the insurance company for possible reimbursement. Wesson Pediatric Therapy will provide you with a Superbill which will contain all the information needed for reimbursement. Wesson Pediatric Therapy accepts cash, checks, credit cards, FSA ond HSA cards. It is important to check with your insurance company about your specific out-of-network benefits.