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Autism Therapy
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Individualized evaluations are an important part of understanding your child's current status and gaining in depth information into your child's difficulties to provide the best treatment approaches and recommendations. Evaluations can further assess fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, gross motor, motor planning and bilateral coordination skills and sensory processing difficulties Wesson Pediatric Therapy offers two different evaluations. To determine which evaluation would best suit your child, please speak with Wesson Pediatric Therapy. After discussing your concerns, the occupational therapist will have a better idea of which evaluation will be most beneficial to your child. 

Limited Focus Evaluations

Sometimes, parents only have concerns in one area. In this case, a limited focus evaluation may be warranted. Limited Focus Evaluations include parent and child interviews, observation of the child, and typically involve one standardized assessment. Limited Focus Evaluations last about 1 hour.



Comprehensive Evaluations

If parents have concerns in more than one area, a comprehensive evaluation will likely be the recommended evaluation. Comprehensive Evaluations include parent and child interviews, observation of the child, and several standardized assessments. These evaluations typically take about 2 hours to complete.



During all evaluations, parent questionnaires and clinical observations will be completed and concerns and goals will be discussed.  A complete report with evaluation findings, goals, and a plan of care will be provided to you and your child's physician within 1 week. 


Drawing Together

Occupational Therapy sessions will take place in your child's natural environments- your home, your child's school or in the community to work on goals in real life situations! Individual sessions are always customized to best meet the needs of your family and child and can occur weekly, biweekly, monthly, or on a consult basis.  Sessions typically last 1 hour.  Caregiver education is an integral part of your child's success and occurs at every treatment session! If your child is being seen at school, teacher education occurs and your OT will keep you updated on your child's progress and discuss home program recommendations with you to achieve the best outcomes!




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Groups are a great way to work on generalization and problem solving with peers in real life situations. Groups offer great peer learning opportunities as well as opportunities for children and teens to make new friends! Group options include social skills, handwriting, life skills, and self-regulation groups. Groups will run depending on need. 

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I really enjoy working with teens and young adults. One of my passions is working on achieving life skills, social skills, and career goals with teens and young adults.